Our E92 M3 race car, affectionately known as "Snowball," is the most instantly recognizable symbol of our business, and for the past several years has acted as a showcase for our skills and a testbed for new products and techniques. With our fabrication and preparation skills and the best products from our sponsors and suppliers, this car has gone from a daily driven street car to one of the fastest naturally aspirated M3s in the country in only a few short years.

Snowball's centerpiece is an  RDSport S65 stroker motor. This motor is based on the factory 4.0l V8, but through an enlarged cylinder bore and a lengthened piston stroke, displacement is increased to 4.6l. This provides major gains in horsepower and especially in torque, which is critical on twisty road courses. We built a one-off velocity stack setup to handle air induction, and exhaust exits through a custom unmuffled exhaust system.

Handling is key on the track, and a Motion Control Suspension 2-Way Remote Reservoir damper system provides excellent chassis control and allows us to dial in just the right setup for whatever circuit we're racing on. Swift Springs, Vorshlag camber plates, AKG bushings, and a set of adjustable control arms round out the current suspension setup. Braking is handled by a StopTech BBK, which has performed admirably on this fast, relatively heavy car. The car maintains its factory steering rack and column, but the factory power steering pump has been replaced by an electric unit that saves space and improves reliability. 

Ample downforce is provided by a combination of APR Performance and custom RWE components. APR provided a honeycomb carbon fiber front splitter, wheel spats, and a GT250 rear wing, and we designed and fabricated a carbon fiber rear diffuser. The hood, front bumper, and trunklid are also carbon fiber, and we lightened the doors and replaced the rear and side glass with Makrolon polycarbonate. 


We designed and built a full roll cage, and painstakingly stripped every unnecessary component, bracket, and piece of sound deadening from the interior. An electronic fire suppression system protects the driver. Sparco USA provided the seat, steering wheel and quick release, and harness belts. An AIM MXG full-color LCD dash display replaces the stock instruments and adds data logging capability.

With everything currently in place, Snowball has achieved a 1:49 lap around Buttonwillow Raceway, the record for the E92 chassis and for a naturally aspirated M3. We're nowhere near done, though, and upcoming modifications include a revised aero package, a dry sump oil system, a custom endurance fuel cell, and a standalone ECU and new wiring harness. A new wheel and tire package is also coming soon. 

We plan to race this car in NASA's German Touring Series and eventually at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Keep an eye out for it there!