Chassis Set Up


Nothing is more important on the track than how a car handles, and we can source, install, and tune a wide variety of suspension, wheel, and tire options. We will set your car up for your personal driving style, preferences, and the tracks you drive. We have in-house computerized and manual alignment systems, high-tech corner balancing scales, and tire mounting and balancing equipment. 


We're fully equipped with the tools and skills to create everything from full race roll cages to carbon fiber aerodynamic parts. We build some of the best cages around, and we can take a car with a full interior and turn it into a meticulously stripped, lightened, and caged race machine.



Custom Work

Our reputation is built on creating solutions specific to clients' needs. If a part or product doesn't exist, if it's never been done, or if it can be made better, we can do it. RaceWerkz can turn your automotive dreams and ideas into reality.

Track Support

RaceWerkz's services don't stop when the car leaves our shop's door. We'll help you set your car up and dial it in, and our team is even available to be your own personal trackside pit crew. 



A car won't go far if what's under the hood isn't up to the task. From reliability builds that will keep you in your class, to motors ready to handle endurance races, all the way up to monster powerplants for airstrip runs, we can build the motor for your car.

We also offer differential, clutch, cooling system, and many other upgrades.



Keeping your car running strong and driving well is critical to enjoying it. We perform both routine and specialty maintenance, including chassis repairs and reinforcements, IMS replacement, VANOS service, rod bearing replacements, and more.