With decades of combined racing experience, we have seen a lot in the world of motorsports. All of the people who make up RWE have been friends and family since long before the shop was ever around.

Because of this, our passion for this sport, this community and our customers is unparalleled. We put everything we have into the cars we love and it shows with our finished products.

We live at the track and the shop because we're addicted to the smell of race fuel and burning tires. Because for us, the words "Vacation" and "Break" lost meaning years ago. Nothing makes us happier or prouder than to see one of our customers have a great day on the track or enjoying their cars on the road.

We love what we do and who we do it with. Here, we all work for the same goals because we all want the same for ourselves and all of our customers that honor us with their patronage. RWE isn't just our shop, it's our way of life.