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Welcome to Racewerkz! We are a full service shop specializing in Porsche and BMW M performance cars, with an emphasis on competition and track preparation and performance upgrades. Our shop has high-end equipment and an enthusiast staff, and is located in Burbank, CA. 

  • We can handle every stage and part of a race or performance car build, and are particularly expert with chassis and suspension tuning.
  • We carry the best suspension components and can tune, corner balance, and align them to race winning standards. 
  • We design roll bars and full race legal roll cages with CAD software, individually tailored to our clients' particular needs and car setups. Everything we build incorporates the highest quality materials and the best cutting, fitting, and welding equipment available today.
  • We provide aerodynamic solutions for track and race cars and work with suppliers closely to manufacture bespoke components on demand.
  • We design and fabricate custom exhaust systems and components for race and high performance road cars.
  • We build and maintain top quality race engines. 
  • We carry and install high-performance braking systems, wheels, tires, and safety equipment.
  • We perform specialty maintenance and repairs for all Porsche and BMW automobiles.

We attend and and compete in track and racing events with our own stable of cars, including a 991 GT3 and "Snowball," our iconic E92 M3 race car. Our clients receive trackside support and advice as well as available driver coaching. We can also help clients create a long-term car and driver development plan that will put them on the road to victory.