Forgeline Motorsport Wheels

Lightweight Performance

Forgeline specializes in custom-made lightweight forged aluminum racing wheels. Each wheel is designed, engineered, and tested to perform in real-world racing conditions to prove their merit.

RWE has curated a selection of wheels with the perfect sizing and offsets to fit your vehicle and ensure optimal performance where you need it most.

Featured Wheel Sets

Forgeline "RWE Spec 19" GS1R Porsche 991 GT3RS and GT2RS Wheel Set

From $6,400.00 USD

Forgeline GS1R F8X M3/M4 "GT4 Package" Wheel Set

From $5,799.00 USD

Forgeline "RWE Spec 19" GE1R Porsche 991 GT3RS and GT2RS Wheel Set

From $6,750.00 USD

Forgline GS1R BMW M3/M4 Wheel Set

From $5,900.00 USD

Three Decades of Engineering

Forged in Racing

Forgeline wheels are designed and engineered from the ground up to deliver the ultimate lightweight racing wheel. Each set is made to order ensuring perfect fitment, strength, and quality for every application.

RWE has crafted the perfect spec wheel for each platform we support. Our wheel specifications are carefully engineered and rigorously tested on each vehicle to avoid any fitment complications.

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Excellent product knowledge, Advice, and Communication! These guys really go above and beyond; Would highly recommend them!

Chris K.

Record Setting Wheels

Forgeline delivers one of the strongest, lightest wheels out there and we include them on all of our performance builds. Read the two-part series of how our driver beat professional driver Randy Pabst's fastest 991.2 street-car lap time around Willow Springs Raceway!

Part 1: 991.2 GT3RS Data Dive 1: Motion Control Suspension

Part 2: 991.2 GT3RS Data Dive 2: The Record Lap

Performance Consultations Available

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With over 15 years of vehicle racing and engineering experience we have studied each platform we support and continuously created race-winning machines.

Reach out for a free performance consultation and let us help you decide which direction to take your project!

Full Service Available

RWE is a top tier championship-winning race shop located in Southern California with a history of building high performing, reliable vehicles since 2011.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering only the best performing, highest quality parts that are track and race proven.

A full line of services are available for your vehicle from installations to motorsport level racing builds.