Selecting Your Setup

RWE MCS Assembly and Options

Motion Control Suspension

MCS delivers one of the best performing damper systems with over 50 years of engineering technology built-in. Damper systems direct from MCS are aimed at racing profesisonals and come as bare kits with no springs or additional hardware included.

RaceWerkz is a premiere distributor and direct development partner with MCS which allows us to curate the perfect damper, valving, and spring combinations for your vehicle!

Adjustability Options

MCS dampers offer multiple levels of damping adjustment. From 1-way non-remote to 4 way-remote, there is a solution available for your vehicle from street level to full track car.

What is the difference between Non-remote and Remote reservoir systems?

Non-remote damper systems from MCS feature a monotube shock design with the knob adjuster(s) located directly on the shock body. These systems are considered entry level but still outperform practically every other monotube system on the market!

Remote Reservoir systems feature a large external reservoir that is separate from the main shock body and connected by high-pressure hose. The separate reservoir allows for larger shock fluid volumes, remote damping adjustment, adjustable nitrogen pressures, and alternative valving to deliver more adjustability, cooler shock temperatures during extended periods of hard driving, and optimized performance.

What are high-speed and low-speed adjustments?

High Speed compression and rebound adjustments correlate to how your damper handles continuous, fast bumps such as uneven, bumpy road surfaces.

Low Speed compression and rebound adjustments relate to slower, larger impacts such as hitting the rumble strip mid-apex or dropping a wheel in the dirt (or a pot hole!).

1-Way Non Remote

  • 18 clicks of rebound adjustment

2-Way Non Remote

  • 14 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of rebound adjustment

2-Way Remote

  • 18 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • Adjustable reservoir nitrogen pressure

3-Way Remote

  • 18 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment
  • 10 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • Adjustable reservoir nitrogen pressure

4-Way Remote

  • 18 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment
  • 10 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of high-speed rebound adjustment
  • 10 clicks of low-speed rebound adjustment
  • Adjustable reservoir nitrogen pressures

Assembly Options

RWE offers multiple assembly options for your vehicle. Each option features different spring rates and different shock valving to deliver the perfect ride for your vehicle's purpose.

Street/Track: This option is perfect for the canyon chaser or weekend track warrior. Spring rates and valving are geared towards aggressive driving styles but are still soft enough for daily use without loss of comfort.

RWE Spec: This assembly is created for those who want maximum handling performance from their vehicle. Geared towards users of R-comps, racing slicks, and generally smoother race tracks. This is our special recipe to bring out your vehicle's full racing potential and has been extensively tested on our own track vehicles that have set many track records!

Custom: Custom valving and spring rates are also available! Let us help you fine tune your vehicle and achieve your personal setup goals.

Click here to get a performance consultation and let us help you build your ideal MCS suspension system!

Other Options

Some vehicle-specific options are available for each MCS system. Here's a quick breakdown of what we offer.

PASM Delete (Porsche): MCS damper kits are generally not compatible with vehicles with PASM. We offer solutions to safely remove or relocate sensors.

Rear Configuration (BMW):

Coilover: Converts the rear suspension to a full coilover system. Allows for easier adjustments versus divorced systems. All components necessary for the conversion are supplied for a problem-free installation and operating experience.

Divorced: Contains the same system but with a divorced/separate spring and shock setup. Retains OEM style spring and shock mounting locations.

Record Setting Suspension

MCS delivers of the best performing suspension systems out there, and we can prove it. Read the two-part series of how our driver beat professional driver Randy Pabst's fastest 991.2 street-car lap time around Willow Springs Raceway!

Part 1: 991.2 GT3RS Data Dive 1: Motion Control Suspension

Part 2: 991.2 GT3RS Data Dive 2: The Record Lap

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