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Championship Winning Race Team

Humble Roots

RWE has a tenured history in motorsports. Beginning in 2009 with Time Attack and club racing, we quickly advanced into numerous professional racing series. Our team has held multiple championships, race wins and podium finishes in every series in addition to setting multiple track records since day one.

We are exceptionally proud of our racing history and progress forward as we continue to expand our championship-winning team.

The Team

RWE boasts a full team of motorsport industry professionals. Each team member has been carefully selected for the individual skills they offer and screened to ensure they perform well under the pressures of professional racing.

With our on staff race engineer, data analyst, car chief, crew chief, tire specialist and mechanics, our team consists entirely of seasoned professionals. Race days work like a well-oiled machine and we ensure each vehicle is 100% prepped and ready for domination, with no obstacle too big to handle.

Join Our Team

RWE is always on the lookout for new driving talent to join our team. Our current racing schedule is for Porsche Sprint Challenge West in 2024, with eyes on Carrera Cup in 2025.

We offer complete race support for you and your vehicle, from vehicle maintenance, preparation and transport for each event to one-on-one driver education and data review during race days.

With all of our expertise, tooling and crew at your disposal, our goal is to ensure you perform at your peak. We'll help you fight to the front of the pack and earn your own podiums and race wins.

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Pro Racing History

The Beginning

RWE's earliest days in professional racing began in 2017 with the VLN Endurance Championship on the Nurburgring where the team secured a top-3 finish.

In later 2019, we joined SRO America in the GT4 class. Running two Ginetta GT4's and our Audi R8 later in the season, we secured multiple podiums that resulted in a 3rd place overall win in the championship.

Porsche Bound

In 2022 RWE joined the Yokohama Drivers Cup, a Porsche-only series with 2 991 Porsche Cup Cars securing multiple race wins throughout the season. In later 2022, multiple tests were run in the Porsche Sprint Challenge series where more wins were achieved.

Prsche Sprint Domination

After entering Porsche Sprint Challenge full-time in 2023 with 2 cars, we later finished the season with 3 cars. With each driver stealing multiple podium wins and first-place finishes in their class, Casey dominated the 991 class by sweeping the series entirely, taking first place in each of the 12 races of the season and taking home the championship.

2024 and Beyond

RWE is dedicated to racing and is in the midst of growing our race-winning team. Our multi-car team will be participating in the 2024 Porsche Sprint Challenge West series once again, this time moving into the 992 class.

Looking to the future, our team has its sights set on Carrera Cup where we plan to continue challenging the top teams in the USA and further establish our presence.

Full Service Available

RWE is a top tier championship-winning race shop located in Los Angeles, California with a history of building high performing, reliable vehicles since 2011.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering only the best performing, highest quality parts that are track and race proven.

A full line of services are available for your vehicle from installations to motorsport level racing builds.

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RaceWerkz Engineering has spent countless hours building relationships with the worlds best performance parts manufacturers and have tested each component we offer in real race environments.

Our rigorous testing combined with our expertise in vehicle dynamics has resulted in a selection of the best performing upgrades for your vehicle platform.

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