M-Engineering Calibration Mclaren 600LT/675LT/620R/MP4-12C/P1/570/650
M-Engineering Calibration Mclaren 600LT/675LT/620R/MP4-12C/P1/570/650
M-Engineering Calibration Mclaren 600LT/675LT/620R/MP4-12C/P1/570/650
M-Engineering Calibration Mclaren 600LT/675LT/620R/MP4-12C/P1/570/650

M-Engineering Calibration Mclaren 600LT/675LT/620R/MP4-12C/P1/570/650

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M-Engineering Calibration Mclaren 600LT/675LT/620R/MP4-12C/P1/570/650


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M-Engineering Calibration for the Mclaren M838T (600LT/675LT/620R/MP4-12C/P1/570/650)


Looking to unlock a lot more power in your Mclaren? The team at M-Engineering are without a doubt, the best in the business at just that. Having worked with both PMNA (Porsche Motorsport) and MSO (Mclaren Special Operations), no one has more knowledge, or more ability than them. We run their calibrations in our personal track cars and have many track only 765's, 600LT's, 720's, 675LT's GT3's and GT2's running their same calibrations.



Custom Feature Package Includes: Calibration, Map Switching and PDK Tuning

  • Live Map Switching
    • Map Switching allows the driver to independently select power levels based on the octane of the fuel or fuel type by using the cruise control stalk. Map switching can be performed with the vehicle running without the need to shut the engine off.
      • Example Map Slot Setup:
        • Slot1 - Stock Power
        • Slot2 - 93 Octane
        • Slot3 - 100 Octane
        • Slot4 - E85
        • Slot5 - Valet
      • Since Map Switching can be customized depending on the individual please contact us when purchasing if you'd like a different setup or would like a custom map slot.


Vehicles supported by this version of M-Tuner:


PLEASE NOTE - FOR THIS PRODUCT WE WILL NEED YOUR ECU SHIPPED TO US. Overnight Shipping is included Both way! Once order is processed and confirmed we will send you and M-Engineering box with a Pre-Paid Next Day Air UPS tag. Simply send it off and we'll take care of the rest!


Disclaimer: You accept responsibility and risks of any tunes and added features by M-Engineering. If you are not the end user of the car, you will be solely responsible for notifying the purchaser and/or customer they also accept the responsibility and risks of these and M-Engineering is not liable. M-Engineering is also not liable for voided warranties due to installation of our products. 

Return Policy: All sales are final and non-refundable. M-Engineering provides specific software calibrations for individual vehicle use and is not liable for misuse or vehicle behavior due to installation error or mechanical issues. M-Engineering will work one-on-one with individuals to assist with remote diagnosis to vehicles to our best ability and advise next-action steps as needed. End-users are responsible for vehicle maintenance, integrity of aftermarket parts installation, and having their vehicles up-to-date with their manufacturer's latest updates and TSB's.

Attention: M-Engineering calibrations are only intended for off-road track use. We can not sell these calibrations in California without a signed affidavit confirming you are aware it is not legal to operate a vehicle on public roads once this product is installed. If your shipping address is to California, please fill out this form and ship it to us along with your ECU. Without receipt of this form we can not return your ECU!

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