SPL E36/E46 M3 Rear Knuckle Bushing
SPL E36/E46 M3 Rear Knuckle Bushing
SPL E36/E46 M3 Rear Knuckle Bushing

SPL E36/E46 M3 Rear Knuckle Bushing

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SPL E36/E46 M3 Rear Knuckle Bushing


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SPL E36 & E46 M3 Rear Knuckle Bushings


We always say, rubber should be saved for tires. There's nothing fun about having all the best parts on your track or race car only to have it shifting around under you as the factory rubber bushings deform and deflect letting the wheel and tire move around in ways it wasn't intended to leaving you making changes to dampers and set ups that could have been perfect all along. Luckily, SPL solves this with bearings for all areas of uprights, knuckles, subframes and everywhere else rubber bushings can cause inconsistencies. Like all SPL Parts products, we use these exclusively on all of our BMW M3 and M4 builds. SPL hits all the marks for us, they are:


  • Designed, machined and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • True motorsport quality utilizing structural Aluminum, stainless steel and titanium
  • Easy, precision adjustability. You or your race team won't find a better arm to work with reliably in shop or trackside
  • FK bearings offer great durability for the rigors of track use with the fastest cars, ours included
  • Bearings are high misalignment giving plenty of range and forgiveness against bind
  • Teflon linings all but eliminate stiction and deflection




If quality is the game, SPL is the name

It's always hard to find great value with a great product. Fortunately, SPL does just that through their whole line of suspension products. All premium materials, from the best suppliers money can buy all while retaining a relatively reasonable price. We even use SPL to swap out parts on our factory race cars when they retire from the pro circuits.