Forgeline "RWE Spec" 19" GE1R Porsche 992 GT3 Wheel Set

Forgeline "RWE Spec" 19" GE1R Porsche 992 GT3 Wheel Set

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Forgeline "RWE Spec" 19" GE1R Porsche 992 GT3 Wheel Set

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Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Our Own Spec Forgeline VX1R's!

These fit all 991 GT3RS and GT2RS as well as 992 GT3's perfectly! We have run an unprecedented 310mm wide front tire on the 991 GT3RS, GT2RS and 992 GT3 without rubbing! The easiest, fastest and most cost effective way of shedding lap time is with these wheels and a good set of tires! These even fit over the factory 991 PCCB's!* All our record laps, with the exception of This one, have been run on 19" wheels for good reason!


The Best Track Wheels on the Market!

They're strong, they're light, they cost less than their closest competitor and they're made 100% in the U.S.A.! It's everything we could ask for in a wheel and then some. Forgeline pride themselves on making bespoke wheels for whatever you need, and we have given them plenty of crazy requests and they have always delivered! We have used a lot of different wheels, but Forgeline is by far our favorite. These are the wheels we use on the majority of every Porsche GT4, GT3, GT3RS and GT2RS as well as BMW M2, M3 & M4 we touch.


  • Factory professional race series wheel supplier
  • American aluminum, forged in America, engineered in America and built, in America. Nothing we appreciate more!
  • 2,100lb load rated per wheel
  • Great clearance for big brake kits and large factory calipers
  • Custom finish option, most of which don't cost anything extra
  • We keep our most used sizes and styles in stock, skip the line and get your set now!



Nothing like skipping to the front of the line!

Normally you can expect to wait between 9 and 17 weeks for a set of Forgelines, but we give you a front of the line pass. We keep inventory of all our most popular applications and order them raw, prepped for powder from Forgeline. When you order a set, you just pick your color and we have them powdercoated before shipping to you and saving you months of sitting in a lawn chair waiting for that big brown truck to bring you your wheels. All we ask is you allow us 1 week from the time of order to get your wheels coated and shipped to you. All standard colors included in the price. Have something different in mind? No problem! We have gotten all kinds of special colors done, most of the time, it doesn't cost you anything! Special 3 stage powders, transparent and flakes are the exceptions and can incur an additional charge. Order your set with "Custom Color" and we'll reach out to you to discuss pricing. Hate not having an idea? No secrets here, special powders have never added more than $600 to a set of wheels from us. 


Porsche low profile rear control arm bolts are required for clearance and we include them with every 19" 991 GT wheel set for convenience!


 *These wheels will fit 991 PCCB's. However, it is a tight clearance and is possible to scratch both caliper and wheel. We recommend using a track brake kit like our AP option Here. 992 GT3's need a track day brake kit.